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  • Purchasing a new SSL certificate is rather simple. Everything you should complete is complete the submission form in your own Control Panel. You don’t need to apply for an account along with a third–party corporation, no need to wait for days to weeks for the SSL to be completely ready.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • In case your domain name is hosted in an account with us, you can easily choose to have your SSL certificate automatically set up. Our smart system will deal with all the hard work so you will never have to handle any kind of typical installations.

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  • 24x7 Support

  • The 24x7 support staff is always on duty, prepared to help. If you have questions regarding your current SSL certificate, and / or need help installing it for your website, we’re available to be of assistance. And also we have an regular answer time of below 20 min.

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year
Regular SSL $19.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00

SSL Certificates with Domain Discounts

An SSL certificate adds an exceedingly effective security coating for a web site. If you happen to operate an online store and receive money, then an SSL Certificate is indeed a must–have since it can vastly boost the customer’s trust in your site.

Thanks to the Domain Discounts, you can buy your own SSL Certificate directly from one’s web hosting Control Panel. Of course, if your domain name is hosted with us, we’re able to immediately install the SSL Certificate on your behalf. Zero further set–up or hands–on setting are necessary.

Aside from the basic SSL Certificates, there is also a Wildcard SSL certificate. The Wildcard SSL Certificate may be placed on a variety of hostnames all at once. This is really helpful if you wish to safeguard lots of websites together.

SSL Certificates, both standard and wildcard, that you can get at Domain Discounts, have a genuine 2048–bit encryption as well as a $10 000 USD warranty.You can find an SSL certificate with all of our web hosting solutions – Linux shared hosting packages.

Whois Privacy Protection

Do not concern yourself regarding your online details

The WHOIS information pertaining to your domain becomes publicly available to everybody immediately after the domain name registration procedure itself. You can skip that by activating an Whois Privacy Protection service for your domain name. With it, your own personal or corporate info, including your name, e–mail and street address, will be substituted with fictional info. To order Whois Privacy Protection for your domain name, simply choose the domain name and then click the Whois Privacy Protection icon to request the activation of this feature.

This particular service is available with most of the gTLDs and ccTLDs that we are offering. Make sure you visit the TLD information page on our website to see which top–level domain names are Whois Privacy Protection–eligible.

Whois Privacy Protection

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Efficiently put together location–dependent redirects

In our Domain Manager you’ll find an easy–to–work–with tool, which permits you to filter your site traffic depending on the visitors’ physical whereabouts. With our GeoIP redirection tool, you can quickly set up location–based redirects and redirect your visitors to various areas of your website. For instance, you will be able to point the US visitors to your main page, and the traffic coming from Spain to a sub–domain – es.your–website.com, for instance.

Thanks to this easy–to–use tool, you’ll no longer have to add dozens of lines of code in the .htaccess file. Everything’s carried out by the tool itself.

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Video Tutorials

Built–in instructional videos

If you chance upon any difficulties while using Domain Discounts’s web hosting Control Panel, Domain Discounts offers a simple way of solving them – our video tutorials. We have compiled an incredible selection of informative videos that cover practically everything you can achieve with Domain Discounts’s Control Panel – from registering a domain to revising your PHP preferences.

Plus, we have a comprehensive F.A.Q. section, which includes the questions that our customer care staff gets asked the most. Moreover, you can always get in touch with our 24/7 tech support staff and have one of our highly qualified customer service technicians investigate your issue.

Video Tutorials

Easy Scalability

Easily change your cloud hosting plan

If you have a standalone domain name with Domain Discounts, but you also desire to take advantage of our cloud hosting packages, you can do this at any given time with merely a few simple mouse clicks. You will retain your Control Panel and will be able to administer your domains, web sites and billing transactions from one single location.

What is more, you’ll be able to make full use of all the bonuses associated with our cloud hosting plans, among them a free domain registration option.

Easy Scalability

Domain Name Redirection

Domain name redirection done uncomplicated

The domain redirection tool that is incorporated into Domain Discounts’s web hosting Control Panel allows you to point a domain or a subdomain in your account to a different site of your preference. You simply have to specify the host you need to forward as well as the destination path itself. Our tool will handle the forwarding process and your domain will start pointing to the desired location right away.

This tool has an easy–to–use interface, so you will be able to forward a preferred domain or subdomain with just a couple of clicks instead of making sophisticated modifications to the .htaccess file.

Domain Name Redirection

Easy WHOIS Control

WHOIS control done effortless

When registering a domain name, you will be asked to give precise and up–to–date registration info, no matter whether you’re a person or a company. This is the reason why, you’ll have to update your WHOIS records whenever necessary. Nonetheless, not all Top–Level Domain extensions support this feature by default, so first check if this option is available before you initiate a WHOIS update.

From the Domain Manager in your Control Panel, you’ll be able to modify the registrant, administrative and technical contact info for one or multiple domain names at the same time. All the modifications that you’ve made will be reflected online right away!

Easy WHOIS Control

Domain Manager

One–stop domain name control solution

The Domain Manager is a crucial part of our hosting Control Panel and offers all the features that you need in order to administer your domains. It features an easy–to–navigate interface through which you can change DNS records, modify WHOIS information, lock your domain name or set up subdomain names with only a simple click of the mouse.

From the Domain Manager tool you could even buy extra services like Whois Privacy Protection and digital certificates.

Domain Manager
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